LP gas is that reliable and rather affordable energy resource that so many South Africans are using in both their homes and their businesses. With so many appliances now capable of running on gas, if you are looking for a simple way to save money while not compromising on the overall quality of your appliance, opting for LP gas is likely to meet all of your needs and expectations.

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The 5 Most Common Uses for LP Gas


If you are new to using gas, or if you are just looking at the options available to you or to your industry, it is important that you have a well-rounded idea about what you can use the gas for. Some appliances work better than others when powered by gas and since gas can be used in a residential setting as well as in a commercial setting, these are some of the gas uses that you should know about.

lp gas
LP gas is used for heating


Possibly one of the most important uses of gas, when used for heating, gas can be incredibly useful and more than capable of generating as much heat as electrically powered appliances.

LP gas can be used in heaters, stoves and ovens, and gas fireplaces. When used for heating, the gas can provide plenty of hours of superb heat.

LP Gas is used for braai appliances


While there is a debate over whether or not a braai is officially a braai if it is powered by gas, gas-powered braais do tend to be a lot easier to use and come with a lot less fuss. The heat is evenly distributed and easily contained using a lid, should you want to use the braai to bake something or to grill.


LP Gas is used in boilers


In a more industrial setting, a gas-powered boiler is quite a common sight and it will generally be a lot more cost-effective, depending on what you are using the boiler for. Gas-powered boilers are known for having a long lifespan and this makes them the preferred choice for many.


LP Gas is used in various aspects of the agricultural industry


From providing a constant amount of heat to a greenhouse to providing hot water to dairies, and even powering irrigation pumps, LP gas is a common and often preferred energy option because it is just so convenient and it is not prone to unexpected breakdowns or outages, something that farms relying completely on an electrical supply have to factor in.

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