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Gas Cylinder Sizes


Cost effective

Clean burning natural gas heating equipment means less maintenance and repairs over the years.

circumvent load shedding

Keep your business running despite load shedding by running your home and business appliances on gas.

Environmental Benefits

By all measures, gas is the best energy alternative for the earth today and does contribute to greenhouse gases.

Great for all appliances

Gas can be used for water heating, clothes drying, cooking, and mood-setting fireplaces

the future is near

Budget Gas is a leading supplier of LP Gas in Pretoria. Based in Newlands and Monumentpark, Pretoria, we provide commercial and residential customers with gas refilling and exchange services, as well as supply them with gas directly from our gas depot. We do offer direct delivery to your premises and provide a fast and reliable service. We pride ourselves in our outstanding workmanship and quality service. Newlands site is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year for the exchanging and refilling of Gas cylinders. Monumentpark site is open from 07h00 – 17h00. Deliveries take place from 07h00 to 17h00. We provide a convenient delivery service to clients in Pretoria East, Centurion, Pretoria Central, Pretoria West and Moot areas. Please Note: We do not Deliver to Johannesburg from 30 March 2021.

The Benefits of Using Gas





Consistent, Reliable Supply

Future Possibilities

Environmental Benefits

Abundant Domestic Production

Easier, More Affordable Maintenance

Increased Resale Value of Your Home

We specialise in:

  • Gas for stoves
  • Gas for cadac
  • Cadac gas refilling
  • LP Gas
  • Gas for geyser
  • gas for restaurant
  • Oryxgas
  • Gas equipment
  • Gas for sale in Pretoria east.
  • Gas exchange Pretoria


We guarantee the best prices per kilogram. 20 Years Experience as the leading supplier of gas in Pretoria

Gas Bottle Refills & Gas Cylinders For Sale in Pretoria

Budget Gas is a reputed gas company in Pretoria, with clients in Pretoria East, Centurion, at Total Newlands and surrounding areas. We are trusted suppliers of affordable gas bottle refills and gas cylinders for sale.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas, otherwise known by its more common name LP gas, is an incredibly versatile fuel which can be used for just about any and all energy requirements. It is safe, affordable, and can be used quite easily in both homes and businesses, as well as big industries.

LP gas is an amazing resource if you are trying to save money when it comes to the energy costs, which are continuously on the increase. LP gas can be used in gas geysers and gas stoves as well as in certain air conditioning units, greatly lowering prices as a result.

Along with its amazing cost efficiency, LP gas is also an environmentally friendly option for those who are looking to live greener lifestyles while it is also a fantastic option for industries looking to make their operations cleaner.

We are a leading gas company in Centurion and offer affordable LP gas refills to the Pretoria community. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for any enquiries.

What is LP Gas made of?

LP gas is a mixture of propane, butane, isobutane, and three LP gases. This mixture is a liquid and is both highly flammable and prone to evaporation once exposed. The gas is considered a fossil fuel because it comes from oil as well as gas wells. To convert the gas into a form that is usable, the gas undergoes various other manufacturing processes before it is stored in what we know as gas bottles, which are cylindrical bottles, generally available in a variety of sizes.

LP gas can be bought in Pretoria, and most other major cities, small towns and villages. Because it is these days so widely used, it is widely available in many different quantities and has become an expense that can be fit into most budgets.

A bottle of LP gas tends to have a really long lifespan. A single bottle, depending on what it will be used for and the size of the bottle, can last anything from a few months to a whole year. For this reason the use of gas in homes has become extremely popular. As an energy source, it is just as efficient and just as reliable as electricity and in some cases, especially in South Africa, gas is actually more reliable than electricity, since the use of gas is unaffected by loadshedding.

Finding the Right Gas Cylinder

Gas cylinders are generally either a once-off buy or they are something that you will exchange each time you need to have the cylinder refilled. These cylinders are designed to effectively hold gas, which means no gas will be lost through leaks and as such there will also be no risks associated with gas escaping the bottle.

Gas cylinders are available in a wide range of sizes. Some are small and portable, ideal for small households or those who need gas when going camping or to just have as an emergency source of energy when other sources are not available. Other cylinders are much bigger and since they hold more gas, can be used for bigger homes or offices, where more energy is needed. These bottles are not portable but rather they are more permanent units.

It is important that you choose the gas cylinder size that is most suitable for your needs and, generally, when you buy your first bottle of gas, you will be given the bottle. This bottle can be refilled again and again, and is made to have a long lifespan, since it is made from highly durable materials. Gas cylinders can stand outside, in the wind and rain, without any issues.

Unlike petrol or diesel, LP gas does not have a shelf life. Gas does not degrade with time and it does not lose its quality in any way. Since it does not have an expiry date, gas can last forever and this is beneficial because it will allow you to store gas, should you be far away from a supplier, so you will never run out unexpectedly. You don’t, however, need to stock up on huge quantities of gas if you are only using a small amount every year.  If you intend to have a small stock kept aside for emergencies or unexpected needs, it is better to make sure just how much you realistically need before you place a massive order

When storing or using a gas cylinder, it should always be kept upright. You should also never be tempted to roll your cylinder sideways when you want to move it around.

Choosing the Right Quantity of LP Gas

Your consumption of gas is going to depend on both the accessories being fuelled by gas and how often you will be moving the cylinder.

For camping trips or emergency use, you can get away with having a smaller unit, say a 3kg to 9kg cylinder. This size cylinder is also perfect for gas braais and lanterns, which you could have for use at home. This size is perfect not only because it is going to provide you with more than enough energy to keep you powered, but it will also be easier to move around.

For those who intend to use gas in the home, to keep a geyser, refrigerator and other home appliances powered, opting for a gas cylinder that is between 9kgs and 48kgs, is the better choice. Anything bigger than the 9kg cylinder will become a permanent, unmoveable fixture, due to its size and weight. When these cylinders are filled and installed, they should be left in place until they are empty and need to be refilled again.

Refilling a Gas Cylinder

LP gas in Pretoria can be refilled by Budget Gas. We offer gas refill in Pretoria and we can help you with an affordable refill service. While gas is exceptionally safe to use, you should never attempt to refill your cylinder yourself.  Gas refills in Pretoria are best left to the experts at gas companies as an attempt to refill the cylinder yourself could result in a deadly accident.

We provide our customers with the best quality and most affordable LP gas in Pretoria and at Total Newlands. Our team is ready and able to assist you with a gas refill. Our services are quick and reliable and you can either order your gas online or give us a call.

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