Where to Store Your Gas Cylinder

Storing Your Gas Cylinder (according to South African Regulations)

For those who are not quite sure about gas, or who have not yet found their confidence in using gas as an alternative energy source, the process of storing it can be quite intimidating.

As gas suppliers in Pretoria, we have all heard scary stories about how things can go wrong, but the truth is that, when you follow the rules and regulations, and when you use your common sense, gas is an incredibly safe source of energy, to both use and store.

Storing your gas cylinder in South Africa means finding the best spot for your gas cylinder, which is of utmost importance, not just for safety reasons but also for the optimal performance of your gas appliance.

The Best Spots for Your Gas Cylinder

Finding the best spot for your gas cylinder is the first step in your gas installation process.

South African regulations put a lot of emphasis on placing the cylinder in a well-ventilated area and with this factor in mind; there are only two logical options to consider:

Outdoors, Under a Covered Area: A covered area, like a stoep or a section of the house that is covered by the roof, will provide shelter from the elements while at the same time allowing for air circulation.

In a Dedicated Gas Locker: This is an excellent option, especially if you lack a covered area or if you are concerned about your gas cylinder being stolen. Any gas locker must be constructed from non-combustible materials and they must have proper ventilation in order to comply with safety standards.


Important Considerations for Safe and Compliant Storage

Beyond the air ventilation necessity, there are some other things that you must do to be in line with South African gas storage regulations. The good news is that these considerations are very easy to stick to. Here’s what you need to do to be compliant:

  • The cylinder must be placed on a flat and stable surface: Your cylinder needs a sturdy and level platform to sit on to prevent it from tipping and potentially damaging the valve or regulator. This is mandated by South African law.
  • Keep the cylinder out of direct sunlight: Excessive heat can cause pressure build-up within the cylinder, and this poses a safety risk. South African regulations aim to mitigate such dangers by demanding that cylinders are kept away from the heat of direct sunlight.
  • The cylinder must be stored away from flammable materials: This is a logical regulation. You must maintain a distance of 1 meter from any source of ignition, such as braai areas, heaters, or electrical outlets. This too is stipulated by South African regulations.
  • The cylinder must be easy to access for refills: While you must keep the cylinder tucked away for safety reasons, you must still ensure that there is easy access for delivery personnel to replace your empty cylinder.


The Worst Places for Your Gas Cylinder (and What South African Regulations Prohibit):

When placing a gas cylinder, here’s where you must never put it:

  • Indoors: This is a clear violation of South African regulations as gas leaks can pose serious health risks and could even ignite indoors.
  • Directly in the sun: As mentioned earlier, you must avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • In a garage: The presence of flammable materials like petrol or paint makes garages unsuitable.
  • In a basement: Poor ventilation is common problem in basements and this means gas leaks will build up and pose a serious safety hazard.
  • Near any electrical appliances: You should maintain a safe distance between your gas cylinder and the appliances to prevent accidental sparks.


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