What is LP Gas and how can it benefit you at home?


Making part of your house run on gas is a hugely economical and overall beneficial thing to do. When you are running appliances on gas, you can safely move part of your energy setup away from the national grid, protecting you from outages and ensuring that you have more control over your energy use.

LP Gas is the dominant gas used in homes. This specific type of gas is really easy to buy and it is safe to use, when you know how to use it that is. This gas is compatible with a wide variety of appliances and is used for heating, cooking, providing light, and it is even used in vehicles. In this blog we discuss the benefits of using lp gas in your home.


What is LP Gas made of?


LP Gas, sometimes referred to as LPG, is liquefied petroleum gas. Sometimes, it can also be known as propane or butane. LPG gas is made of carbon and hydrogen atoms which when bonded form propane or butane. When put under the appropriate amount of pressure, the gas turns into a liquid and this is what makes the gas easy to use. In its liquid form, LPG can be poured into bottles and used as a fuel.

For the most part, when you see bottles of gas at the petrol station, or gas suppliers, you are looking at LP gas.

Because of the nature of this gas, it happens to be one of the more versatile fuels around. Most commonly used in homes and various industries, for all sorts of reasons, it is the versatility of the gas that makes it such a popular, and affordable, commodity.

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Gas Cylinders for the Home

Natural Gas vs. LPG


Most home appliances that have been designed to run on gas, will either run on natural gas or on LPG, and there is a distinct difference between the two.

Natural gas is gas which has been painstakingly extracted from the earth. Its compounds differ from LPG gas in a variety of ways and for the most part it consists of ethane and pentane, along with butane and propane. Natural gas will usually be delivered via a pipeline and it is typically used to heat water, provide energy to appliances and fuel heating.

LP gas is produced during the oil refining process but it can also be extracted during natural gas production. From there, as you already know, the gas is placed under a huge amount of pressure to turn it into a liquid. It being in a liquid form will make it easier to transport and easier to store.

Why should you use LP Gas?


Aside from the fact that it is such a versatile fuel source, LP gas is incredibly affordable. LP gas is also incredibly effective in providing a high level of heat in a really short period of time. And then there is the fact that this gas is a clean energy source. When it is used, it produces only a little bit of sulphur, and nothing more.

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