Which is Best Between: Gas vs Electricity


As we enter 2023 with even more energy uncertainty in South Africa, now is as good a time as any to start looking into all of the various alternative power options. Comparing what appliances work better or at least as efficiently on gas as they do on electricity, can give you the independence to choose the best option for your home.

With so many reliable energy alternatives available, making the move from electricity to gas is just one way that you can use a different source of energy to power your home or business. Gas is a reliable and energy-efficient source of power and it is also in many cases a lot cheaper. Depending on what you use it for, a large bottle can go quite a long way and numerous appliances can be powered by gas.

Very rarely will someone completely replace their use of electricity with gas, because it will be difficult to power your entire home or business entirely on this source of energy alone. But gas can be used as a powerful alternative for your most used appliances, such as your stovetop, your oven, your geyser, and even your winter heating.

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gas vs electricity

The Pros and Cons of Gas and Electricity According to Appliances


Since gas is unlikely to be used to completely replace the use of electricity, when you are comparing the two, what you need to know is the advantages and disadvantages of using one or the other for your specific appliances.

Each appliance should be compared based on usage as well as how much it consumes, two factors which are hard to compare as each will be unique to you.

With gas appliances, your experiences with loadshedding will be lessened, and you will have some peace of mind knowing that not every part of your home (or business) is reliant on only one type of power.



Before you start thinking about making the switch to gas, you need to know that while you can save money, you will still need to budget for the gas that you will need to buy. Getting a bigger bottle, if you have the space for it, is a great idea not only in terms of saving money but also for the convenience of always having the gas.




A gas geyser is nice to have, but the heat it provides can sometimes be uneven if you haven’t set it just right. On the upside, these geysers don’t use all that much energy and can provide enough hot water for the whole house.

Although the initial setup is going to cost you, because you are going to be converting your electric connection to a gas one, in the long run, gas is going to be a cheaper and more reliable water heating alternative.



These geysers are known to consume energy at a high rate, which in the current economic climate makes them unfavorable. Running on this power will be cheap, but in the long run, you won’t save a cent by staying on grid power and you will also run the risk of being subjected to a power cut.


Stove Top



A gas stove top heats up faster and it cooks really well. Again, installing the gas stove top will be expensive, but you will save on energy costs in the long run. You can also use a gas stove top to boil water, which is a plus when there is a blackout cut.



You will have more options when buying an electric stove top and they will be affordable to run so long as you have access to power. During loadshedding, you will be inconvenienced by not being able to cook.





Gas heaters work really efficiently, but only when you are heating a small or medium sized room. During really cold spells, you might find that the gas runs out faster, as you use the heater more often. But if you live in a cold place, having a gas heater might be a welcome appliance when the power is out. 



With an electric heater, you will benefit from the consistent availability of the power, so long as it is on, and you will also be able to heat bigger rooms by being able to use a larger heater.

On the whole, hundreds of thousands of South Africans are enjoying a more comfortable standard of living by running some appliances on gas. Making the switch to gas is guaranteed to save you money and plenty of frustration.