Guide to Gas Stove Installations and COCs in South Africa

Gas stove installations are becoming increasingly popular in South African households due to their efficiency and increased affordability.

However, if this is your very first time choosing a reliable installer, making sure that you are going with the right gas stove for your home, and obtaining a Certificate of Compliance (COC), can be daunting.

As a well-established gas company in Centurion, we are going to give you all the basic information that you need to know about gas stove installations and COCs in South Africa so that you can make better-informed decisions.


How to Choose a Reliable Gas Stove Installer

When it comes to gas stove installations, choosing a reliable installer is a must to ensure safety and quality assurance.

As such, you should be looking for installers who are registered with reputable industry bodies, such as the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety Association of South Africa (LPGSASA), especially as there will always be companies out there operating without the necessary qualifications.

One way to find a good gas installer would be to ask around for references and to check online reviews, to ensure you’re working with a reputable professional. Additionally, you should ask about their experience and training to ensure they have the necessary expertise to handle your specific installation needs.


How to Choose the Right Gas Stove for Your Home

Choosing the right gas stove for your home depends on various factors, such as your cooking preferences, the available space, and your budget as well as the specific features you desire, such as multiple burners or an oven.

Additionally, when shopping around do some research on the different brands and models to find one that has the features you need and which is going to be reliable.

When working with an installer, don’t be shy about talking to them about your personalised recommendations based on your specific requirements.


What are COCs in South Africa and Why They are Important?

A Certificate of Compliance (COC) is a legal requirement for all gas installations in South Africa, mandated by the Pressure Equipment Regulations of 2009.

A COC ensures that your gas installation complies with safety standards and regulations, and it provides peace of mind for homeowners and tenants.

It also serves as proof that the installation has been completed by a qualified professional and meets all necessary safety requirements. If you fail to obtain a COC, it could result in legal consequences and it may void your insurance coverage in the event of an incident.


Who should you Contact for a COC?

Obtaining a COC requires the services of a registered gas installer who is authorized to issue COCs. When selecting a gas installer, inquire about their ability to provide a COC upon completion of the installation. Ensure they are registered with the relevant authorities and have a track record of issuing compliant COCs. Additionally, verify that they adhere to safety protocols and regulations outlined by the South African National Standards (SANS) for gas installations.

A gas stove is the one appliance that you will never regret adding to your home. It will save you money, and you never again have to worry about loadshedding or a general power outage preventing you from cooking a meal or making a cup of coffee.

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