Gas Cylinders for the Home

The Best Gas Cylinders for Homes


By using gas in the home, you can navigate your way around electricity and as such lower your electric bill as wells as minimize your reliance on Eskom. But for those who are just starting to explore the option of bringing gas appliances into the home, the idea of having to pick out a system and the accompanying gas cylinder can be just a little bit out of one’s comfort zone.

The size of the gas cylinder as well as the type (home, commercial or industrial) are two really big and important considerations to make before getting set up, and both the size and the type will be determine by what you will be using the gas for.

Since we are talking about home use here, we’re going to focus on size.

Some might suggest getting the biggest bottle you can, which can be ideal if you are using gas to power more than one appliance, but a bigger bottle means finding the space and also working out an appropriate budget. Others will say go small, and save on the budget, but this approach has its own drawbacks too (like running out of gas in the middle of something, like showering or making dinner).  It is important to take the type and size of the gas cylinder into consideration before switching to gas. These are the best gas cylinders for homes.

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Gas Cylinders for the Home


It all comes down to size, and the size is going to affect what the gas cylinder will be used for. If you will be using a single gas bottle to power a variety of different appliances, you will definitely want a bigger bottle. Not only do bigger bottles have the ability to last a whole lot longer (depending on the frequency with which you are using the gas) but they also allow you to use the different appliances at the same time.

Bigger bottles are also essential if you have more than one person using it. In a home of 3 or 4 people, a bigger gas cylinder will be ideal or else you will find that you do not only constantly have to refill the cylinder but that your gas budget is also not going as far as it should. Small cylinders when constantly needing refilled can be a whole lot more expensive than just biting the bullet and paying out for the bigger bottle, which is naturally going to give you more use.

Big cylinder sizes include 19kg, 48kg and above.

By what we’ve said above it might sound like we are downplaying the effectiveness of a small gas cylinder but that is not the case. Smaller gas bottles certainly have their use and their appeal, especially when just one or two people will be using it or when the cylinder will only be used to power one or two things, like a gas stove top or a portable gas stove. These little bottles can go quite far and what is really nifty about them is that they are a lot more portable than the larger bottles, which means you don’t have to specially arrange for a refill and you also won’t have to think too much about where you store the bottle.

Small cylinder sizes include 5kg, 9kg, 10kg and 14kg.