Gas Camping Stove

While glamping might be a popular style of camping among some South Africans, nothing quite beats that rustic bush retreat, the kind that takes you off grid and has you using your “Boy Scout” skills to prep meals and make that first early morning cup of coffee.

With the December holiday’s right around the corner and camping trips being planned, now is a great time to add a gas camping stove to your Christmas wish list. Whether you are planning to treat yourself or if you are instead going to be leaving hints for your loved ones, a gas camping stove makes for a great gift. As one of the biggest gas suppliers in Pretoria, we understand that not only will it help to make your camping trip that little bit easier, but you will more than likely find a use for it in your home as well.

If you have been considering getting an appliance like this for a while, there are a couple of excellent reasons why asking for, or buying yourself, a gas camping stove is one of the best decisions you will make this year.


1. They are both convenient and efficient

Having a quick, easy and economical way to cook food, heat food, or boil water is a must for every camping trip. Most camping destinations are rather off-grid and out of the way, and having access to electricity is a rarity. With your portable gas camping stove, however, it won’t matter how off-grid you go.


2. They come in a range of styles

Gas camping stoves are not a one size fits all sort of product. Instead, these nifty things come in a wide range of shapes, styles and sizes, making them one of the more versatile camping appliances you can own. One thing that does remain the same though, is that all camping stoves are small enough to pack in a car.


3. They are environmentally friendly

When compared to the good old braai, a gas camping stove is by far the more environmentally friendly option. It might not have the same aesthetic as a wood fire but if you are committed to being environmentally conscious, gas is the way to go.


4. They are ultra-reliable

As long as you have enough gas to fuel it and as long as you keep it clean, your gas camping stove will be reliable and consistent in providing you with enough even heat to cook your meals. With your gas camping stove, you never have to worry about battling with wet wood or being rained out and unable to prepare your meals.


5. They are incredibly safe

Camping safety should always be a top priority. Gas camping stoves come with a sturdy base, automatic emergency shut offs, and windshields. Even in the most challenging environment, the chance of having an accident when using a gas camping stove is greatly reduced thanks to the way that it is built.

With so many benefits to look forward to, if you are a dedicated camper or if you are looking for an alternative way to cook you really have no excuse but to add a gas camping stove to your Christmas wish list this year.