The Environmental Benefits of Using Gas in your Home


Of all of the energy options available for use in the home, gas is one of the better options. Although it is not a completely renewable energy resource, especially if you are using the natural option, gas does have a lot more environmentally friendly benefits that you will not find with most other types of energy resources.

Solar energy and wind power are the ultimate goals for green energy, but for the average South African homeowner, solar energy is super expensive while wind energy is just about impossible to generate on a solo basis. So, the next best green option is gas.

For years, South Africans have been big fans of using gas in the home. As electricity has become a worrying problem for society, what with the never-ending power outages, and the overall price of power skyrocketing, gas has become a popular option. Gas is abundant, it is easily available, and it generally has a fairly long availability, meaning when you buy a big enough bottle, you won’t have to worry about topping it up for a long time.

Gas is also fantastically reliable! Once you have the appropriate appliances and you are all set up, you won’t have to worry about the gas not coming through and being usable. And gas is also incredibly safe to use, which is another fantastic benefit.

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Gas use and the environment


These days, environmental concern is an issue that is on most minds and gas is definitely one of the better options to go for when you are looking for cleaner energy.

Gas has been proven to be good for the planet when used as an energy source, and these are 3 ways that it can benefit the environment.

Gas is a clean fuel


One of the greatest issues facing the world is the extensive use of fossil fuels used to generate electricity. The sheer amount of coal burned in factories around the world on a daily basis creates a lot more pollution than the earth can deal with. So switching over to gas in your home, is one small way that you can play a part in helping in the fight to slow down climate change.


Gas has fewer impurities


This is as good for the environment as it is for the appliances that are using the gas to function. As a purer energy source, gas tends to always come out on top.


Gas requires little infrastructure to use


Unlike conventional electricity, gas is provided to homes in bottles rather than via power lines, power plants, and cables. This means it tends to have a far smaller footprint than electricity, especially when used in the home.

There are many ways that you can move over to using gas in your home, and you have many options available to you in terms of appliances. For more information, or to buy gas, you can contact Budget Gas and one of our consultants will assist you.