How to Tell if Your Gas Bottle is Running Out


Switching over to gas, even if you are using it for one or two appliances in the home, is a great way to become more energy efficient and more energy independent. Time and again, gas has been proven to be a stable source of energy and depending on the size of the bottle you are using, and the extent to which you use your gas appliances, it can give you quite a few months of use.

Most of those who are using gas as a way to power parts of their homes tend to forget when they last bought a refill, and as such, they come to the end of their gas supply at the worst of times. Turning on the hot water tap in the shower only for it to give you cold water, or running out of gas to cook with and having no alternative way to make a meal is frustrating, to say the least.

As fate would have it, you are always more likely to run out of gas just when you least expect it. Knowing how to check your gas bottle, as well as knowing the tell-tale signs that your gas bottle is soon going to need to be filled again, will save you the headache later on.

There are a couple of ways that you can check if the gas bottle is coming to its end. Some methods are a little easier than others, but the end result is the same.

In this article, we tell you how to tell if your gas bottle is running out.

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gas bottle running empty

The best way to tell when your gas is running low


Weigh the bottle


This method is easy if you are using a smaller bottle as opposed to one of those massive cylinders, but this is a highly effective way to tell if the bottle is running low. You don’t necessarily need to put the bottle on some sort of scale to do this, although that is the better way, as you can get away with just lifting the bottle and seeing if it feels a little lighter than it necessarily needs to be.

The more experience that you have with gas bottles, the easier it will be for you to be able to tell if the bottle is going to need a refill.

Check with water


This method is the better option if you are working with a heavier bottle. Simply fill a jug with hot water and slowly pour it down the side of the bottle. A condensation line should appear where the gas level is. You can also feel the bottle and where the gas is, it should feel quite cool.

Once you have been using gas for a long enough period, you will be able to just know when the time to get a refill is nearing. Through experience, you will be able to tell how long you usually use your sized gas bottle before it runs out.

And if you don’t want to try out these two methods, one sign that the bottle is running low is that your appliances just won’t work as effectively as they normally do.

For more information about safely and effectively working with gas, or to order a refill, you can contact Budget Gas.