Coming home tired in the evening, only to be greeted by no electricity due to a power outage can be one of the more infuriating things about living in South Africa. With the power grid being so unreliable and the alternative power sources, like solar energy, being out of most household budgets, the next best option is gas.

Having gas in the home, to power certain appliances, is certainly a huge help. But having gas in the kitchen in particular, is something that every person should seriously consider. Having the means to prepare a meal, boil a pot of water, or even keep the refrigerator or deep freeze going, is hugely beneficial in terms of keeping you sane and saving you money.

Gas is a commonly used energy source in the home and it is often associated with geysers and heating. But since it can be used to power other appliances too, making the switch to gas might just be the best decision you make.

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The Advantages of using Gas in the Kitchen

Benefits of having gas in the kitchen


The benefits of having gas in the kitchen are going to be instantly noticeable. Unlike other energy options, gas is always available, so long as you keep your bottles full. Gas is also incredibly safe to use, so any worries that you may have about using gas in your kitchen should be put aside.

So, what are the advantages?


You’ll save money


No one can deny the fact that by moving over to gas, you will save money. The home stove and stovetop can be notorious energy guzzlers and given the fact that electricity is outrageously expensive, having the gas option is definitely a great way to save. Powering your refrigerator and freezer with gas will also save you saving money.


You’ll have more convenience


Arriving home in the evenings or waking in the morning to absolutely no electricity is a disheartening reality about living in South Africa. While for some it might seem like a minor inconvenience when you take into consideration that load shedding is something South Africa has been dealing with for more than a decade, and with things not looking any better, if you’d like to stop being inconvenienced in this way, gas is the better option.


You’ll have better heat distribution


Unlike electric stovetops that don’t allow for even distribution, when you are working with a gas stovetop, you will have better control over your heat. This can make a big difference if you are the type who really enjoys cooking but who struggles to get the heat just right.

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