gas installations you haven't thought of

Getting Creative with your Gas Installation


The most common uses of gas in the home relate to heating and cooking. Gas stoves and stove tops, gas geysers and gas heaters have all been on the market for years, along with gas fridges, but if you are looking to somewhat replace your electric appliances with gas powered ones or if you are looking for some more creative ways to use your existing gas powered appliances, there are a few things you might not have thought of. Gas remains one of the best alternatives to electricity and since more and more South Africans are looking to make the switch over from our unreliable electricity grid to something that is both readily available and a whole lot cheaper, gas appliances are filling in the gap. 

Part of the appeal of gas, which goes beyond the fact that you can save money when you choose to have it in your home, is that gas is incredibly safe. Provided you have the gas system installed by someone reliable, you shouldn’t have any problems and to keep the system in a fully functional safe condition, you will just need to invest in some maintenance every couple of years.

Creative gas uses are easier if you already have a system installed. But if you are looking to install a system and you want to know what more you can get out of it, here are some gas uses you might not have thought of before. We discuss creative ways for you to install your gas.

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  1. Boil the kettle

With a stainless steel kettle and a gas stove top, you never have to miss a cup of coffee ever again. A gas stove top can be a huge convenience when it comes to being able to still enjoy the little things in life when the power is out. And if you have a stove top but not a gas oven, with the right recipes you can whip up a delicious dinner in minutes.


  1. Dry you clothing

A gas clothes dryer can be a huge benefit, especially on a cloudy winter’s day when nothing dries naturally outside. Gas clothes driers can save up to 50 percent on your dryer energy costs, and some are big enough that you will be able to dry a couple of loads at a time. These driers are also beneficial in that they are capable of drying clothing quickly.


  1. Air conditioning

You probably already know all about gas heating, but did you know that you can also cool your home with a gas powered air conditioner? These are not the most common appliances but if you live in a very hot place, or if you struggle to sleep in the heat, you can look at investing in a gas air conditioner. Running such a cooling system will save you on energy costs, which means that even if it is an expensive investment initially, it should be able to pay for itself in the long run.